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Who's in your Kitchen?

Soul Coaching

Thoughts and beliefs are blueprints your mind and body seeks to fulfil. So, it’s always good to consider the reality you are currently creating.

Imagine yourself about to make a delicious soup.The cooking pot is on the stove and you turn to get the ingredients when, suddenly, a group of people from your life appear. Some are well known to you: family, friends, colleagues, past teachers; others you encountered more briefly. Each person leaves something for your soup before disappearing as quickly as they came.

Alone again, you inspect their offerings: a half eaten tomato, a mouldy cauliflower, three chicken bones, a stale chocolate muffin, some limp kale, an overripe banana, a bag of rotting potato peelings…

What would you choose to do:

1. use all the ingredients they left and end up with a monstrous concoction?

2. dispose of anything unwanted and choose delicious ingredients from your kitchen for a soup you will really enjoy?

I’m guessing, like me, you would opt for the latter, right?

In life, however, this is often not the case. Instead, we find ourselves trying to realise goals (soups) using false, limiting and unfavourable beliefs about ourselves (ingredients) that were either impressed upon us by others, or that we decided upon ourselves. As such, we pursue our goals dogged by self-doubt, fear, procrastination and frustration until they are tainted, thwarted or abandoned; perhaps affirming an underlying belief that we did not deserve to achieve them anyway.

It is a tragic, yet far from hopeless situation, which many of my clients have transformed, in part, through a deep exploration of the questions I am now sharing with you:

What are the beliefs, stories and ‘labels’ you believe about and tell yourself?

Where, and from whom have they come?

How do they impact your life and inform your choices and sense of self?

How are you reinforcing these limiting self-beliefs? I.e. avoiding situations, critical self-talk, looking to find them confirmed in the outside world etc.

So why not take time to re-examine ‘who is in your kitchen’ and eliminate the destructive and critical thoughts and self-beliefs you may have adopted. Replace them with empowering, affirming, loving statements that, if you reinforce and make the most familiar, will become the new blueprints your mind and body fulfil.


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