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Jeremy Turner-Welch  is a UK trained psychic & medium, based in Montrealwho provides accurate and detailed information,

communicating it with clarity and compassion.

Medium in Montreal

Navigating life’s unpredictability, moments of doubt, and deep loss can challenge the strongest of us – especially when we:

  • Lose our sense of direction.

  • Doubt our abilities or choices.

  • Grieve the loss of loved ones.

Find clarity and reassurance with Jeremy Turner-Welch, a reputable psychic and medium in Montreal.

Psychic & Mediumship Reading Montreal

Evidential Mediumship Consultation Montreal


A Trusted Medium

Jeremy’s reputation as a gifted medium is not only backed by his profound abilities, but by his many years of dedicated training at two renowned institutions in the UK: The College of Psychic Studies, (London) and The Arthur Findlay College (Stansted). He proudly continues his association with the former, providing psychic and mediumship sittings, and teaching psychic development courses.


His public demonstrations of mediumship, both in Montreal and overseas, have further solidified his standing as a highly respected medium with an authentic connection to the spirit world. Jeremy provides clear and accurate evidence and information from loved ones in the spirit world that help reconnect you, to bring comfort and reassurance.

montreal medium

With Jeremy

Psychic Reading

Montreal Medium

Beyond mediumship, Jeremy excels as a clairvoyant psychic. Especially at times of uncertainty or transition, his psychic abilities offer clarity and confirmation, empowering you to move forwards with greater confidence and insight.


Online Psychic Reader:

Spiritual Guidance at Your Fingertips

Psychic and Mediumship readings aren’t limited by geography. If an in-person reading in Montreal isn’t possible, that’s not a problem. Like many others from around the world, you can enjoy an online reading with Jeremy from the comfort of your home. Now, you really can get the guidance you need from wherever you are!


Your Kind Words.

I have worked with many psychics and mediums in my life, but none as excellent as Jeremy. The depth, detail, and accuracy of what he relays is truly amazing. I particularly appreciate the fact that he just starts in, without asking for information or constantly checking to see how things are landing. He trusts his abilities and what he is receiving, and so do I; his clarity and connection are stunningly accurate. Moreover, Jeremy is exceedingly kind and warm. He is authentic, personable, and truly delightful. I can’t recommend him highly enough, and I refer him to both friends and clients. He is a true gift.  

Katherine Ingram, MA, CSBC

Oregon, USA

The Psychic Spectrum: Distinguishing Mediumship & Psychic Readings

Mediumship: The Bridging of Two Worlds

The veil between the physical world and the spirit world is thinner than many people think. Mediumship utilises the psychic senses, such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognisance to connect you with loved ones in the spirit world. Through these psychic senses, memories, characteristics, details, and messages are communicated on behalf of the spirit world, that affirm their continued existence and presence in our lives.

Psychic Readings:

These sessions also utilise the psychic senses, but to a different end. Here they provide you with insights about your life - past or present - to offer perspective, reveal possibilities, and help clarify your choices ahead. Valuable information is received that may come from spirit guides, your energy field, and higher levels of consciousness. A psychic reading helps you to navigate life’s challenges and move forwards with greater assurance and ease.

Jeremy’s Psychic & Mediumship Readings:

Discover Jeremy’s skilled use of both psychic and mediumistic ability - tailored to your needs. Valuable information and insight about aspects of your life is given using psychic intuition. If desired, insight and guidance can also be communicated from the spirit world through mediumship. This type of reading is ideal if you are curious about the next steps on your journey, or seek insight into aspects of your life.

Medium Montreal

Psychic & Mediumship Reading Montreal

Evidential Mediumship Consultation Montreal


psychic and mediumship development courses in Montreal

Teaching Tomorrow’s Psychic Mediums:

Jeremy combines his experience as a voyant medium in Montreal, with his passion for teaching psychic mediumship. He proudly supports the next generation of aspiring psychics and mediums on their quest to expand their intuitive abilities with his down-to-earth and encouraging teaching style. In his psychic and mediumship development courses in Montreal, he not only shares his knowledge and experience, but also nurtures a thirst for deeper understanding and commitment to the integrity of the craft.


Ready to Discover Your

Mediumship and Psychic Development Courses Montreal

Jeremy’s ‘mediumship development courses Montreal’, offer a grounded and exciting opportunity to explore and expand your own unique psychic and intuitive abilities. Informed by Jeremy’s own extensive spiritual and psychic development journey, these comprehensive courses offer a holistic learning experience - no matter if you are seeking to connect with the spirit world, or simply wish to strengthen your psychic intuition.


Your Kind Words.

“I learned more in just the first four weeks of this class than in my two other mediumship courses combined. I wish I had found Jeremy sooner!"


Psychic Reading London

Experience the Benefits of Psychic Mediumship Yourself

If you are searching for a reputable psychic and medium in Montreal to connect with the spirit world, or gain clarity about your life’s path, Jeremy is ready to assist on your journey.

Psychic & Mediumship Reading

Evidential Mediumship Consultation

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