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About Jeremy


Trained psychic and medium

Jeremy is a UK trained psychic and medium, who honed his intuitive abilities and authentic connection with the spirit world over many years of dedicated personal and professional study.


Channelling his passion for empowering others, Jeremy also serves as an intuitive soul coach and psychic development tutor, guiding others to access their intuitive wisdom and true potential.

Image by Niklas Weiss


Growth. Wisdom.

Growing up in Glastonbury (UK), Jeremy was naturally surrounded by many spiritual and healing traditions and was aware of an afterlife from an early age.


In his late-teens, a beloved aunt introduced Jeremy to meditation, tarot and esoteric philosophy. This inspired him to develop his natural intuitive abilities and relationship with spirit, enabling him to see life’s challenges within the bigger picture of his soul’s journey.


After a career in acting during his 20s, Jeremy felt a deeper calling to express his compassion for humanity in different ways. This calling guided his training in shiatsu, reiki and psychotherapy, leading to a fulfilling 16-year career as a registered therapist for individuals, couples and families.


Trust. Expansion. Connection. 

Alongside this, Jeremy embarked on many years of psychic and mediumship development at the renowned College of Psychic Studies (London, UK) and Arthur Findlay College (Stansted, UK). He is proud to continue his association with the former, as a consultant and tutor.


Jeremy views psychic work and mediumship as a healing art for the profound comfort, reassurance, and inspiration often experienced by clients. Because of this, Jeremy is committed to continuously refining his ability to serve as a clear and accurate channel for the spirit world.


Working globally as a psychic and medium, Jeremy deeply values his clients’ continued recommendations of his services to others. He provides psychic readings, mediumship consultations and intuitive soul coaching, both in-person and online. He also demonstrates evidential mediumship in Canada and abroad.

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