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Psychic and Mediumship Reading

In these readings, Jeremy combines psychic intuition with mediumship. He provides valuable information, guidance and messages that may come from spirit guides, your energy field, higher levels of consciousness, your soul, or loved ones in the spirit world.


Offering profound insights into any aspect of your life, these readings are particularly beneficial during moments of uncertainty or change. They offer new perspectives and possibilities, empowering you to move forwards with greater assurance and ease.


Are you curious about the next steps on your journey?


Are you seeking insight into a particular aspect of your life?


During your reading with Jeremy there is always time to ask specific questions.

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Evidential Mediumship Consultation

These consultations, also known as sittings, focus on connecting with loved ones, individuals (and pets) from your life, who are now in the spirit world.


Jeremy serves as a conduit, enabling those in the spirit world to share distinct personality traits, memories, significant life events and heartfelt messages. Beyond the comfort and joy this often provides, it also demonstrates the lasting presence and existence of our loved ones in our lives.


While it is not possible to guarantee who comes forward to communicate, if there is someone you would like Jeremy to try and connect with, time is always dedicated for this.  

*Couples mediumship consultations are also available for 2 people looking to connect with the SAME loved one(s) in spirit.


Are you seeking comfort, reassurance, or confirmation from loved ones in the spirit world?

Intuitive Soul Coaching

Intuitive soul coaching connects you to your heart, your gut, your soul. It allows you to see more clearly what is holding you back, and how to move forwards and unleash your true potential.



It affirms the idea that every soul has a unique purpose – often linked to our personal growth and true potential in this world. As you tune into the wisdom of your intuition, you can clarify your desired vision for life and steer yourself towards it. This empowers you to see life’s challenges, unhelpful patterns and limiting beliefs within the bigger picture of your soul journey. Now those very obstacles can also serve as signposts, directing you forwards with greater understanding.


These sessions honour mind, body, and spirit, facilitating a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. This goes beyond simply goal-setting. It is about connecting to your intuitive inner compass towards a more meaningful and abundant life.


Imagine seeing your life from a new vantage point, where possibilities unfold, and you can stride forwards with confidence.


Jeremy’s approach to coaching is interactive and collaborative. It bridges the gap between intuitive insight and therapeutic techniques. Together, you’ll explore the resources, gifts, and opportunities available to you, mapping a clearer path ahead for your life.


Whether you’re at a juncture in life, ready for change, but uncertain of the path forward, you don’t have to travel the path alone. You can use Jeremy’s coaching sessions as stand-alone experiences, or as part of a series – whichever you prefer.

Are you ready to tap into your intuitive wisdom and discover the insights and possibilities that await you?

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Psychic & Mediumship Development Training

Jeremy is proud to support aspiring psychics and mediums on their quest to hone their intuitive abilities with his down-to-earth and encouraging teaching style. In his psychic and mediumship training courses and workshops, he not only shares his extensive knowledge and experience, but also nurtures a thirst for deeper understanding and commitment to the integrity of the craft.


Jeremy is also a popular tutor at the College of Psychic Studies (UK), where he currently runs beginners, foundation, and intermediate level mediumship development courses.


For more details visit the events and training page or contact Jeremy directly to register your interest.  

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