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Soul Centred Consciousness

Soul Coaching

The way in which we locate solutions to our inner problems can drastically affect our daily lives.

The more these solutions are located outside yourself, the more your sense of self-worth and confidence becomes linked to external factors and the approval of others. For then you may believe: “if they praise me, I am likeable”, “if I get this job, I am talented”, or “if I avoid relationships, I won’t be hurt again.” This can cause you to employ apologetic, avoidant, defensive or domineering behaviours to control the outside world simply to maintain a positive self-image and belief that you are ‘good enough’. Sadly, this often leads to feeling anxious, fearful, frustrated or overwhelmed.

Alternatively, when solutions to your inner problems are located within yourself, your focus turns to the conscious nourishment and healing of your Soul. Your self-worth and self-belief are increasingly generated from within, so they are not diminished by external events, interactions or setbacks. You can experience life fully and without fear, for past wounds and patterns have been expressed and released; they no longer impede your ability to inhabit and respond to the present moment. This is the pathway to Soul Centred Consciousness in which all interdependent parts of our human body (mind, body and spirit) are considered and attended to.


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