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Developing a Connection with Spirit: Part 2

Developing a Connection with Spirit Part 2: Loved Ones in the Spirit World


In our journey so far, we’ve explored the diverse forms of connecting with spirit, which encompasses the realms of loved ones in the spirit world, our spirit guides, the divine spirit and higher consciousness, as well as spirit within the natural world.


We’ve recognised the importance of being ‘open to it’: a state of receptivity to the various signs and subtle messages of spirit. This openness includes having belief in the presence of spirit and attuning to the vibrational and energetic frequencies that enable this connection to be experienced more profoundly. It also involves aligning with our intuition and committing time to cultivate a meaningful relationship with spirit.


Now, in this next chapter I will share some practical ways to nurture this spiritual connection. We will explore how to connect with our loved ones in the spirit world, and simple ways to enhance your intuitive abilities in support of this.


The Spirit Within


Whenever the question arises about how best to establish a connection with spirit, I often begin with a profound yet simple truth: we are ourselves part spirit. Acknowledging this instantly brings us closer to spirit around us, as it affirms our ‘sameness’. Composed of mind, body, emotions and spirit, in becoming more aware of our spirit, we become more aware of the wider universe of spirit.


There is a simple exercise that encourages connection with your pure essence – beyond the labels of who you are, the roles you inhabit, and the thoughts and emotions you experience – your spirit. The fullness of your true potential and precious core. For your comfort, you may like to record this exercise on a recording device so you can fully immerse yourself in the experience during playback. Alternatively, you can listen to it in the video below.


Attune to the subtle vibrational frequency of your own spirit that naturally aligns more closely to the world of spirit around you.  




Take a moment to sit comfortably with your feet on the ground, your palms facing upwards on your lap, your spine relatively upright but relaxed. Your eyes gently closing.


As you feel the connection of your feet on the ground, imagine roots of light growing out from the soles of your feet, anchoring you to the Earth. Connecting you to the wisdom and the support of the Earth.


Turning your attention now to your breath, imagining that with every inhalation you are drawing into your body, a beautiful white light. Allowing this light to move throughout your body: cleansing and uplifting every fibre and every cell of your being. Bringing with it a sense of lightness…of peace.


And with every exhalation, imagining you are releasing any tension, any stress… feeling this being released from your body…leaving you to bathe in this beautiful white light, that fills your body and radiates around your heart and your heart chakra…connecting you to your limitless capacity for love, compassion, and understanding – both for self and for humanity.


Moving your awareness, your consciousness to your heart…experiencing the wondrous energy of your heart…connecting you to your true essence…to your spirit…to the unique wonder of who you are…bringing you in touch with your true potential and majestic spirit.


Simply allow yourself to connect with the pure vibration of ‘you’…to experience this essence of you in all it’s radiant glory…beyond all limitations, all restrictions…liberated and free.


And now gradually placing your left hand over your heart…affirming this beautiful energy and vibration of your spirit, that wishes to shine and be experienced even more fully at this time…reminding you of who you truly are and of the light you possess within.


And then gradually bringing your attention back to your feet. Feeling their connection to the Earth, being grounded by the Earth… as you take a nice, gentle, deep breath in… drawing all of the radiant energy even closer into your heart and physical body, as you slowly open your eyes and become aware of your surroundings once more…reminded of, and connected to your unique spirit.  

 Our Loved Ones in Spirit

The Winter Solstice on December 21st is one of my most cherished times of year. It marks the first day of winter and the return of the sun as days begin to get longer (in the Northern hemisphere). It is a time of renewal and rebirth, inviting us to integrate these potent energies into our lives through a process of reflection, release, and growth. As significantly, for me, it is a time when the veil between worlds is said to be at its thinnest, enabling us to communicate with our loved ones in the spirit world more easily.


During this day, I dedicate time to connect with my loved ones in spirit, which last year included my great, great grandfather – a story I’ll share shortly. As a medium, I am honoured to communicate regularly with clients’ loved ones in spirit. Yet, there is also immense joy for me in setting aside sacred time to invite my own dear departed ones to draw close and connect. This practice, which I share with you now, is simple and draws upon principles discussed in the first part of this article.


To begin, ensure there is sufficient time you can devote to this without interruptions. Preparing the space, you may have spiritual or healing music playing gently in the background and incense burning. Consider lighting a candle, setting the intention as you do so, to create a sacred space for your loved ones in spirit to join you. You may even place photos of those you wish to connect with nearby.  


Then sit. Grounding yourself by feeling the connection of your feet on the floor, anchoring you to the Earth. Imagine being surrounded by a radiant orb of white light, purifying and uplifting your physical body and subtle energy bodies in alignment with your highest good. As you take time to absorb this divine energy, feel your mind quieten, your body relax and your consciousness expand. Still and tranquil, silently invite each loved one to draw near, allowing their presence to be experienced more profoundly at this time.


Patient and open, be receptive to any sensations, energetic shifts, impressions, or experiences that might occur, no matter how subtle or fleeting. It might manifest as a visual image in your mind’s eye, a sense of their unique energy enveloping you, or an inner sense of their voice speaking to you. Occasionally, this might be accompanied by a physical sign – such as a lamp flickering, something falling from a shelf, or a bird appearing on the windowsill at that exact moment – a tangible affirmation of their presence.


Regardless of the form it takes, be it perceptible or seemingly non-existent, acknowledge and give thanks for their presence. When you are ready, gently bid them to recede and watch over from a distance, if desired, in preparation to reengage with your daily life. Focus once more on your feet, grounded and supported by the Earth beneath you. As you become fully present in your surroundings, you may wish to blow out your candle and replace the photo to signify your transition back into the everyday world.   


Whatever your experience, it’s important not to question or doubt it unnecessarily. That simply reduces your openness to it. Be patient, be curious, and trust. Remember, the more you create space to connect in this way, the more attuned you will become to the presence of spirit.  


It is also useful to hold in mind that we are not limited to connecting with family members who were known to us on Earth. This is exactly what happened when I invited my great, great grandfather to make contact, after hearing a fascinating story about him that I’ll share with you now.  

How to connect with loved ones in spirit

Personal Story – The Ancestral Connection


On a recent work trip back to the UK, I took some time to catch up with family. During this gathering, an old photograph caught my eye, propped up on a bookshelf. Curiosity sparked, I asked about this man in uniform. I learned it was my great, great grandfather, who had served in the army. I was intrigued, as I had heard his daughter – my great-grandmother – had psychic and mediumistic abilities. What I hadn’t realised until that moment, was how early in life these abilities had manifested.


During military service, my great, great grandfather formed a close friendship with a comrade. The two made a solemn pact: should one of them die, he would return to notify the other of his impending death. As it turned out, the comrade died first. Some years after his death, my great-grandmother, then just a young child, had a profound dream. In it, a man visited her and conveyed some numbers.


Upon waking, she relayed the dream to her father. Her description of the man matched his friend, and the numbers communicated were her father’s army service number. Later that very day, he passed away, fulfilling the pact they had made together. This premonition, delivered to my young great-grandmother during her sleep, is a poignant reminder of how the spirit world may also choose to communicate with us through our dreams.


Such stories are undoubtedly more common than we may know, yet they affirm the profound connections that transcend the physical realm, manifesting in ways that defy rational explanation.


Signs from spirit

Daily Moments of Connection


Continuing to explore ways of connecting with the spirit world, it’s essential to remember that aside from within moments of quiet invocation, our daily routines offer many opportunities to strengthen our connection with spirit.


Whether out for a walk, waiting for a bus, or preparing the dinner, conversing with our departed loved ones – either aloud or through silent thought – as though they are beside us, is a beautifully simple way to invite them close. Sharing our daily experiences, hopes and plans with them, or requesting their guidance and support, affirms our belief in their continued presence which – yes, you’ve guessed it – makes us more open to notice the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, signs they send us.


Take, for example, an experience I enjoyed with my grandfather. Crafting his eulogy revealed a memory several people shared of him: his joy of feeding the robins in his garden. Since then, the connection between my grandfather and the striking appearance of robins has become a poignant symbol for me. I recall one such time being serenaded by a robin on a crisp autumn day, while while visiting a garden centre with my aunt. This robin suddenly appeared, perched close beside us, and sang for several minutes looking directly at us. As we acknowledged our sense of grandad’s presence with us, it was further amplified as we observed four other robins nearby – an unusual sight given their territorial nature. It spoke to the deeply moving moments my aunt and I had been sharing that day, confirming grandad was joining us for them.    


Such moments remind us that our connections to spirit are not confined to explicitly spiritual practices. They are alive in the everyday, waiting to be acknowledged, affirming the life and love that surround us.


Useful Tip:


Why not take some time to reflect on your associations with loved ones in spirit. What plants, animals, scents, sounds, phrases, or objects might they suddenly bring to your attention at poignant moments, alerting you to their presence?


In the upcoming part of this article, we’ll take a closer look at ways to connect with and harness the energy of spirit in nature. I’ll also introduce you to some simple ways to develop the intuition needed for this journey. Keep an eye out for the next piece with practical advice and insights to enhance your spiritual connection in everyday life.





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