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Developing a Connection with Spirit

Developing A Connection with Spirit: Part One

developing a connection with spirit

Are you curious about connecting with spirit but unsure where to start? Perhaps you're wondering if special psychic abilities are necessary for this journey. These are common questions, and you are not alone in pondering them. As we explore the mysteries of spiritual connection, questions like: How can I connect with spirit? and, do you have to be psychic to connect with spirit? will be answered, offering clarity and guidance on your path to spiritual engagement.

Sadly, despite the growing interest in developing a connection with spirit, it often remains shrouded in mystery and misconceptions. As a psychic, medium, and tutor in this field, I guide others toward this goal - whether for personal insight and comfort or the development of psychic and mediumistic abilities. In this article, I’ll address some myths that hinder connecting with spirit and share some useful tips to start you off on the right path.

First, let's define 'connecting with spirit', which includes various interpretations and experiences. This also addresses another common question: Is there a difference between communicating with spirit or with your spirit guide?

Understanding the Spirit Connection

Connecting with spirit involves engaging with energy and consciousness beyond our physical realm and senses. In mediumship, this means communicating with the deceased in the spirit world. Spirit as a whole, extends beyond the spirit world and includes the spirit of every living thing. It also encompasses higher, universal, or divine consciousness. In nature, for example, it is with the spirit of plants, animals, or the elements of earth, air, fire, and water that many seek to connect. Each containing unique qualities and properties that can be of benefit.

In contrast, connecting with spirit guides involves engaging with specific helpers, who may or may not have been incarnate on Earth. We may turn to them for guidance, insight, wisdom, protection, and healing, among other things. These different aspects of spirit require similar conditions, skills, and approaches for connection and discernment, as they are all forms of energy and consciousness imperceptible to our physical senses.

Dispelling a Common Myth

A frequent question is: Do you need to be psychic to connect with spirit? The simple answer is no. Anyone with intuitive awareness can connect with spirit. However, psychics have refined their intuitive senses, enhancing their ability to perceive communication from spirit. They can sense and interpret energy that is not perceptible to physical senses, like emotions, thoughts, and spirit communication, which are all forms of energy containing information and meaning.

As psychologist Carl Jung affirmed, we all possess an intuitive capacity. Many of us access this faculty when we sense danger before it's physically apparent or when we intuit a disparity between someone's words and the truth, even without rational evidence. Thus, while not all of us need to be psychic, embracing and trusting our intuition is crucial for a profound connection with spirit. Without this, you will likely dismiss the subtle experiences of spirit connection as imagination, coincidence, or simple wishful thinking.

Developing a Connection with Spirit recognising the signs of spirit

Recognising the Signs of Spirit

Spirit communicates with us in many ways, and being familiar with these signs helps us recognise their presence. For instance, the appearance of a feather can be a sign from spirit. I remember sometime after losing a loved one during the pandemic, I was speaking to his wife on the phone. She asked, knowing I am a medium, if I thought he was still watching over her as she wasn't sure of his presence around. At that moment, a small white feather floated down onto my dining table. For me, this was a clear sign from him in the spirit world confirming his continued presence and concern for those he loves. Similarly, after sharing this story in a presentation at the College of Psychic Studies, three audience members came up to me separately after the tea break to tell me they’d seen several feathers on the doorstep of the building that hadn’t been there ninety minutes earlier when they’d arrived. A sure sign they all said that spirit was affirming what I had said.

Experiences like these are commonplace for me; they have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Their significance is not lost on me either, enabling me to recognise when spirit and those in the spirit world are communicating. In times when we seek reassurance, comfort, or guidance, we can recognise the signs of spirit connecting with us as:

1. Sensing a presence around us, instilling a feeling of not being alone.

2. Experiencing a wave of uplifting, soothing, or wondrous energy flowing through us.

3. Noticing a shift in the energy in our environment.

4. Observing a vivid cloud formation that captivates our attention and communicates symbolically through its shape and form. Or a striking interaction with an animal or bird out in nature.

5. Hearing our name called or whispers when seemingly no one is around.

6. Experiencing vivid dreams or visions during meditations, often containing symbols, landscapes, and significant themes.

7. Encountering synchronicities, such as repeatedly seeing specific numbers in everyday life, hearing certain songs recur, or a book falling off the shelf just as we seek help from spirit or think of a loved one in the spirit world.

8. The appearance of a feather at moments of uncertainty, hope, remembrance, following a job interview, or after seeking confirmation from the spirit world.

I will share a vivid experience from last Christmas, spent with family in the UK, which beautifully illustrates how spirit can signal its connection with us. One frosty morning, I visited the grave of my grandmother in the village cemetery. While I didn’t believe her spirit resided in the ground, I wanted a quiet moment to connect with her spiritually. As I began communicating with her in spirit, I was surrounded by her energy – in much the same way as it occurs in mediumship sittings. At that exact moment the clouds parted allowing a beam of sunlight to illuminate both her gravestone and the exact spot where I stood. The extraordinary synchronicity of these two events, struck me as a profound and tangible confirmation of her connection with me at that moment.

These signs are for us to enjoy, learn from, and be guided by, provided we are open and perceptive enough to recognise them as such. I invite you to take a moment to recall or jot down any experiences you’ve had that may have been signs from spirit. What messages were they perhaps giving you?

Tips for Connecting with Spirit

Tip #1: Set an Intention

As described earlier, there are various forms of spirit connection, and it becomes easier to navigate when you set a clear intention. For instance, you might say: ‘I wish to call upon my spirit guides for support and guidance at this time,’ or ‘I seek to connect with divine consciousness for my highest good, to gain wisdom for my current situation,’ or even ‘I wish to connect with the spirit of this flower to receive its healing energy and beneficial properties,’ and ‘I ask my grandmother in spirit to draw close to me now, so I may feel her loving presence.’

Setting an intention like this focuses your efforts and directs your message to the right place. A bit like addressing a letter. I always recommend including ‘...for my highest good’ in your intention. This phrase ensures that your connection with spirit is of ultimate support and benefit. For example, before each psychic and mediumship session, I say: ‘I call upon my guides and guardian angels, who work with me for my highest good in support of my psychic and mediumship sessions to gather around me now.’ It's important to be specific about who you invite to assist you. Then, after you have set your intention be receptive to the ways in which the response is communicated.

Tip #2: Be Open to It

This might sound obvious, but it's crucial to highlight that doubts about the possibility of connecting with spirit can prevent your ability to do so. Similarly, if you're influenced by sceptics who dismiss these connections as 'new age nonsense,' maintaining your belief can be challenging. This is why many find solace in psychic and mediumship classes and spiritual communities, where being surrounded by like-minded individuals affirms their spiritual side.

To be open to spirit, try imagining that the connection is already happening. For example, when you invite your guide or a spirit to accompany you on a walk (always for your highest good), proceed as if they are indeed with you. Trust in the connection without waiting for explicit confirmation. This mindset will naturally make you more receptive to the subtle presence of spirit, which is always ready and willing to connect with us, just as we are with it.

Tip #3: Create the Right Conditions

We've discussed the importance of tuning into your intuition. The next part of this article will delve deeper into accessing this skill. For now, it's essential to learn how to quiet your mind. This quietude is critical for developing a deep relationship with spirit. By silencing your internal chatter, you move away from rational thinking that demands tangible evidence and proof. Remember, connecting with spirit transcends the physical realm and senses, areas where the rational mind struggles to operate. Therefore, engaging in activities like meditation, yoga, nature walks, breathwork, listening to soulful music, taking a shower, painting, and having breaks from social media, television, and computers greatly facilitate this process.

Finally, create space and time in your life for this connection to develop. When preparing a masterclass on creating a profound relationship with spirit, I sought guidance from my own guides. Their advice was enlightening: approach it as you would any relationship with another person that you’re eager to deepen. Allocate quality time and space for this connection, much like you would when getting to know someone special to you. This approach allows the relationship to unfold naturally, giving you the opportunity to listen to and truly understand the essence of spirit. Embrace this process with patience and openness, letting the connection grow at its own pace, as you would a cherished friend or loved one. So, take time to sit with spirit, go for walks with spirit and talk to spirit. Then ‘listen’ to spirit by feeling, seeing, sensing, and perceiving its subtle responses and communications.

In the upcoming part of this article, we will delve deeper into how to connect with spirit and develop the intuition necessary for this journey. Keep an eye out for the next piece with practical advice and insights to further enhance your spiritual connection.


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