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How does your coaching differ from a session with a psychologist/therapist?

Therapy and psychological treatments often deal with acute and complex mental health issues, and those requiring longer-term specialized support. The coaching I provide, works more with specific challenges, blocks or concerns often related to the person’s aspirations, personal, professional or spiritual development, relationships and self-esteem. Coaching sessions reveal new perspectives, strategies and tools that enable the person to move forwards with insight, confidence and ease.

The other main difference is that my coaching is more soul-led and takes a holistic approach, integrating depth psychology, spiritual learning and creative process to include all the interdependent parts of our human system (mind, body and spirit). It invites all of these to come into the space and inform the person’s understanding of both the problem and its solution. And this is typically missing in traditional psychological settings.

Can you describe one or two of your most memorable experiences with clients?

During intuitive consultations, it is always wonderful to witness information and guidance from spirit (guides or loved ones) resonate immediately with the person and have a deep significance and meaning for them. It not only affirms the existence of realms beyond the physical earth plane, but often confirms decisions or choices the person has been pondering. They can feel the support from those in spirit and it puts them back on their path, clarifying important things for them. The assurance, impetus and comfort it brings them is truly wonderful to observe – even though the guidance and information is coming from the spirit world and not directly from me.

It is a similar thing in my coaching sessions when I notice a sudden shift in the person; you can see something has made deep sense and revealed a new understanding of their situation that empowers the person with resources within themselves (that perhaps they didn’t even know they had) to achieve their objectives.

In your experience, is it common for both partners in a couple to be on the same page when it comes to desiring a change in their relationship, or is it more often than not one sided?

Whenever we deal with more than one person, we inevitably encounter different perspectives, qualities and understandings. No matter how much we have in common with someone, there will always be some differences. So, when it comes to how a couple arrives at a coaching session, both parties perhaps agree they need support, but one person may be better equipped to reach out and initiate this than the other. In this way, it is great when each party plays to their individual strengths in support of the relationship as a whole.

In the coaching sessions themselves, each person may have slightly different perspectives and experiences of the problem in hand and will likely have different strengths, tools, uncertainties and challenges within themselves.

It is about coming together to establish a shared understanding and goal for what they want to bring about, and to create a shared vision of how they will work together to move to this new place. Both parties need to be willing to reflect, consider things from other perspectives, try new approaches and look at the situation without simply judging or pointing fingers.

Often couples come to these sessions to prepare for a change that is coming their way, or to deepen and improve a particular aspect of their relationship that may otherwise be working really well. It is great that more and more couples come to coaching to address things as they arise, rather than wait till they have built up.

When did you first develop your psychic intuition and mediumship abilities?

As a child, I was naturally intuitive and sensitive and therefore perceptive and impacted by the stress and emotions of others, whether spoken or not. I could feel this viscerally, physically and it often led me into the roles of mediator or helper to try and diffuse the tension and alleviate the discomfort I was feeling. On a positive note, it also gave me a good sense of a person’s general character and trustworthiness.

I frequently had symbolic dreams, premonitions and visions during my sleep. Sometimes my dreams were quite existential and were about consciousness itself and what happens to it after life. This is where some of my innate spiritual and metaphysical beliefs and understanding came from, which in many ways differed from my cultural upbringing and background.

It was the adversity I encountered as a young adult that led me to develop my intuition and relationship with spirit. This began a long journey of discovery and study into transcendental meditation, tarot, crystals, shiatsu and reiki. Later, in my thirties, I began to formally develop my psychic and mediumistic abilities, training at the College of Psychic Studies (London UK). I soon knew that I wanted to use this gift in service to other people. Here began a new aspect to my therapeutic career path…

Is your spirituality intrinsically linked with all aspects of your work?

Yes, I think it would be impossible to separate it. However, I always incorporate it appropriately depending on the setting and type of session I am providing. For example, in a traditional psychotherapeutic setting my intuition will simply inspire me to ask a particular question that seems to come from nowhere but reveals a new possibility or insight. It is used more freely in my coaching, where people may want the benefit of a spiritual perspective. And of course, it’s an integral part of my intuitive consultations. My spirituality informs all aspects of my work but does not intrude. I feel it allows me to see and approach things in a different way, if helpful, without imposing anything.

Would you say that psychic intuition and guidance is part of each and every one of us, therefore coaching is simply a means of enabling a client to access this aspect of themselves?

Yes, I believe intuition is part of us all, however if it is not developed it cannot be used intentionally to be of specific benefit. Sometimes, people have coaching with me to increase their ability connect with their inner wisdom or develop their psychic intuition to gain greater insight into their lives. Most often, inner clarity is naturally enhanced during soul-led coaching. It is more through my workshops and classes (which are on my website), that I help people develop their psychic intuition. For example, I have an online workshop in June to “Develop and Trust in Your Psychic Abilities”.

Would you describe communicating with those in spirit to be reassuring for those concerned, and when would you recommend a session using mediumship?

Yes, I believe mediumship is and should be a reassuring experience. For those wishing to communicate with loved ones in spirit (humans or animals) it is hugely comforting to have confirmation of life after ‘death’. And when the person also receives messages and information about what is going on in their lives, it affirms that their loved ones are still invested and connected to them, encouraging them to live life in a fulfilled way.

If someone’s passing was traumatic or unforeseen, often they come to reassure the person left behind that they are fine now and help dispel any sense of guilt. Providing evidential proof of life after passing, through the details provided from those in spirit, is only one aspect of mediumship. For me, an important part is relaying valuable information and guidance from the spirit realm that supports the person with aspects of their current life. This is what brings many people to have an intuitive consultation. So, it can be very useful to come for a psychic and mediumship session at times of change, uncertainty or challenge.

What guidance or advice would you give someone coming to you for a coaching session or Intuitive consultation?

For a coaching session, it would be simply come with an open mind; be willing and ready to explore things from different perspectives and to implement some changes, where necessary, in support of achieving their objectives.

For the intuitive, psychic mediumship sessions, I encourage people to put aside any fear or worry. Spirit does not come to tell of doom and gloom – they come to support, guide and offer valuable information. It is fine if they come with a sense of who they would like to connect with and hear from, however it is good to keep in mind I am not able to guarantee a particular person in spirit will come forward to communicate. Come with an open heart and open mind.

You are in the process of writing a book, can you tell us a bit about it?

My book Being The Lighthouse links in with some of the difficulties and struggles that many empaths, HSPs and those who are naturally intuitive can suffer with. There is a tendency for these people to absorb the stresses and problems of other people, and then as they become hyper responsive to those stresses and needs, their wellbeing can be detrimentally impaired.

This book is about helping those people action their own needs and goals; to move forward in their lives with confidence instead of being trapped focusing on the concerns, expectations and pressures put on them from people and events of the outside world. My goal is to help them become the lighthouse - not the lifeboat.

Thanks to Sarah Kirton at MysticMag for writing this article about my work.

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