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Jeremy Turner-Welch  is a UK trained soul coach

who provides accurate and detailed information,

communicating it with clarity and compassion.

Soul Coach - Soul Coaching

Finding clarity and purpose in a fast-paced world filled with external pressures isn’t easy. Are you finding it challenging to:

  • Prioritise your own aspirations and needs?

  • Move past uncertainty to pursue your goals?

  • Tune into your intuitive wisdom?

  • Transition life’s changes with assurance and ease?

Step into the transformative realm of Intuitive Soul Coaching. Here your path to clarity is guided by the profound wisdom of your soul.

Intuitive Soul Coaching

The Essence of Soul-Based Coaching.

Soul-purpose coaching believes every soul has a unique purpose - often linked to our personal growth and true potential in this world. It guides you to clarify your desired vision for life and use your intuitive wisdom to steer you towards it.

With this, you become empowered to see life’s challenges, unhelpful patterns and limiting beliefs in the wider context of your soul journey. Now those very obstacles can also serve as signposts, directing you forwards with greater insight.

soul coach

What is a Soul Coach?

In essence, a soul coach is someone who helps facilitate a deeper connection between you and your desired life path. They support you to overcome self-doubt, honour each part of you and nurture your true essence and potential.


Jeremy Turner-Welch: Your Soul Purpose Coach

Drawing upon his vast experience as an intuitive and certified therapist for individuals, couples and families, Jeremy bridges the gap between intuitive insight and effective therapeutic techniques. His holistic approach acknowledges the interconnection of mind, body and spirit as pivotal to achieving well-being.


Jeremy’s own journey of self-discovery and healing led to extensive training in meditation, shiatsu, drama and movement therapy, reiki, psychic development, and systemic psychotherapy.  Now it equips him to guide others with exceptional insight, compassion, and skill.

Transforming Challenges into Stepping Stones

Soul coaching makes it possible to turn the challenges and hurdles you are facing into a journey to the heart of what truly matters. It goes beyond the surface and speaks to the core of your being, helping you discover your life vision and align your path with it.


Imagine seeing your life from a new vantage point, where possibilities unfold, enabling you to stride forward with confidence. This goes beyond simply goal-setting. It is about connecting you to your own intuitive wisdom and unleashing your hidden potential.


Jeremy’s approach to coaching is interactive and collaborative. Together, you’ll explore the resources, gifts and possibilities available to you, mapping a clearer path ahead for your life. Informed guidance is also provided, using Jeremy’s intuitive abilities, enabling you to see patterns, potential and strategies with newfound clarity.


Are you ready to begin?

Intuitive soul coaching is a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and alignment with your true potential.  With his unique blend of experience and intuitive insight, Jeremy offers a guiding light in this transformative process.


Whether you’re at a juncture in life, ready for change, but uncertain of the path forward, you don’t have to travel the path alone. You can use Jeremy’s coaching sessions as stand-alone experiences, or as part of a series - whichever you prefer.


Take the step into soul-purpose life coaching and let your life radiate with clarity, purpose and possibilities.

Intuitive Soul Coaching


Your Kind Words.

I have worked with many psychics and mediums in my life, but none as excellent as Jeremy. The depth, detail, and accuracy of what he relays is truly amazing. I particularly appreciate the fact that he just starts in, without asking for information or constantly checking to see how things are landing. He trusts his abilities and what he is receiving, and so do I; his clarity and connection are stunningly accurate. Moreover, Jeremy is exceedingly kind and warm. He is authentic, personable, and truly delightful. I can’t recommend him highly enough, and I refer him to both friends and clients. He is a true gift.  

Katherine Ingram, MA, CSBC

Oregon, USA

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