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Mediumship Training Montreal London



Mediumship Training in Montreal & London

How does someone become a medium?

Can you learn to become a psychic medium?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions– or wanted to find mediumship training courses to help you discover the world of spirit communication?


Jeremy Turner-Welch, a reputable UK trained psychic, medium and tutor will answer these questions and introduce you to his comprehensive mediumship courses. 

Psychic & Mediumship Training

Mediumship Training Montreal London

Unlocking the power of Psychic Mediumship Training: Your Journey Begins Here

Mediumship development takes us into a sacred realm where the tangible meets the ethereal, the unseen becomes seen, and we bridge the gap to those in the spirit world. It demonstrates that the veil between the physical world and the spirit world is thinner than many people think. 

Can Anyone Become a Medium?

Yes - absolutely anyone can develop the skills required for mediumship. In fact, ‘how to become a medium’ is the title of one of Jeremy’s popular mediumship training courses


Each of us possesses a unique spark that connects us the greater universe. While some of us may naturally be attuned to our psychic abilities, for others it’s something that is waiting to be awakened. Just as we learn an instrument or a new language, psychic ability and the art of mediumship can also be cultivated with dedication, guidance, and practice.

How to Become a Psychic Medium

The path to becoming a psychic medium is deeply personal, involving introspection, discipline, and the right mentorship. In Jeremy’s mediumship training courses, you learn to quieten the mind and raise your vibration to develop the profound sensitivity required to connect with the spirit world. 


You also learn to hone the psychic senses – or ‘clairs’, through which the spirit world can communicate with you. For example, clairvoyance (clear seeing) gives us the ability to clearly see images and visual information the person in the spirit world wishes to share, such as physical attributes, memories, interests, and their life experiences on earth. 

Psychics and Mediums: The Different Uses of Psychic Senses

What is a medium?

Mediums use the psychic senses, such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognisance to receive information and messages from loved ones in the spirit world. 

Psychics use the same senses, but to a different end. They use them to provide valuable insights about your life – past or present – to offer perspective, reveal possibilities, and help clarify your choices ahead. This information may come from your energy field, higher consciousness, or your soul. 


So, while mediumship training doesn’t always lead to becoming a professional medium, it certainly develops your psychic ability and awareness.

Mediumship Training Montreal London


Teaching Tomorrow's Psychic Mediums.

Jeremy is a UK trained psychic and medium, who honed his abilities and authentic connection with the spirit world over many years of dedicated personal and professional study. 


As a psychic mediumship tutor, he is proud to support the next generation of aspiring psychics and mediums with his down-to-earth and encouraging teaching style. In his mediumship classes, he not only shares his knowledge and expertise, but also nurtures a thirst for deeper understanding and commitment to the integrity of the craft. In addition to his private training courses, Jeremy is proud to continue his association with the reputable College of Psychic Studies in London (UK) as a popular psychic and mediumship development tutor. 

Mediumship Training Montreal London

Mediumship training online Montreal Canada London UK

With Jeremy

Online Mediumship Training

Many people who ask, ‘Can you learn to become a medium’ also want to know if you can do it online. The simple answer to this is yes! Like many others from around the world, you too can enjoy mediumship training with Jeremy, online from the comfort of your home.


Your Kind Words.

Thank you Jeremy for another great course! I am so delighted with my development and progress and feel I had a breakthrough due to your supportive and informative coaching. 


Psychic & Mediumship Training

Get Ready to Discover Your Potential: Mediumship and Psychic Development Courses

Jeremy’s mediumship courses, offer a grounded and exciting opportunity to explore and expand your own psychic and intuitive abilities. Informed by Jeremy’s own extensive spiritual and psychic development journey, these experiential courses offer a holistic learning experience – no matter if you are seeking to connect with the spirit world, or simply wish to strengthen your psychic intuition. 


All Jeremy’s courses will teach you these cornerstones of psychic and mediumship development:


  • Grounding

  • Raising your vibration

  • Opening up

  • Working with the psychic senses -the ‘clairs’

  • Connecting with higher frequencies to receive information, messages and guidance

  • Closing down, and energy protection

In addition to this,

Jeremy’s mediumship training courses guide you to explore all aspects of psychic mediumship, including:


  • Becoming Consistently Able to Connect: Dive deep into practices that help you establish and sustain a clear link with the spirit world.

  • Deepening Communication: Enhance your ability to convey clear, precise, and accurate messages from the spirit world, serving as a source of hope and comfort for those seeking confirmation and answers.

  • Understanding the Sacred Role: Discover the responsibilities of psychic mediums, empowering you to progress to form a sacred partnership with the spirit world. 

  • Mastering the Shift: Learn to distinguish the difference and transition between psychic and mediumistic connections.

  • Harnessing the Psychic Senses: Elevate your proficiency in communication through all the psychic senses – clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), claircognisance (knowing), clairorlfactance (smelling) and clairgustance (tasting). 

Jeremy’s experiential courses blend guided meditations, inspiring exercises, pair and group work, enriching theoretical discussions, and time to share your experiences and ask questions as they arise. These courses are designed to offer a comprehensive understanding and enhancement of your mediumistic abilities. 

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Image by Gary Bendig

How Long Does It take to Become a Clairvoyant Medium?

The journey to mastering clairvoyance, or any of the psychic senses, varies for every individual. While some students begin with pre-existing skills or find they awaken quickly, others may require longer for this to occur. The key is consistent practice, dedication, and an openness to personal growth to establish a profound relationship with the spirit world. 

Embark on Your Journey.

There’s a wondrous world beyond the purely physical one we perceive – a world that is waiting to be understood and explored. Your journey towards becoming a psychic medium can be one of healing and illumination for both you and those you assist. 


Now you have the answer to, ‘can you learn to become a psychic medium’:


Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery?

Would you like to enhance your ability to work meaningfully with spirit?

Are you curious to develop your psychic intuitive senses?

Would you like to enhance your ability to work meaningfully with spirit?

Are you curious to develop your psychic intuitive senses?

Psychic & Mediumship Training


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