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Jeremy Turner-Welch  is a UK trained psychicmedium & intuitive coach who provides accurate and detailed information,

communicating it with clarity and compassion.

Psychic Reading London

Finding clarity and purpose in a fast-paced world filled with external pressures isn’t easy.

Are you finding it challenging to:

  • Prioritise your own aspirations and needs?

  • Move past uncertainty to pursue your goals?

  • Tune into your intuitive wisdom?

  • Transition life’s changes with assurance and ease?

Step into the transformative realm of Intuitive Soul Coaching.

Here your path to clarity is guided by the profound intuitive wisdom of your soul.

Intuitive Soul Coaching

The Essence of Intuition Coaching.

Intuitive coaching is a transformative experience that helps you tune into your inner wisdom, to enjoy success in various aspects of your life. It guides you to clarify your desired vision for life, and use your intuition to steer you towards it.


Your intuition connects to your heart, your gut, your soul. It allows you to identify what is holding you back, and to see challenges within the bigger picture of your soul journey. This empowers you move forwards from a new vantage point that honours mind, body, and spirit to unleash your true potential.

intuitive coaching
Intuitive Success Coaching

What is an Intuitive Coach?

In essence, an intuitive life coach is someone who helps facilitate a deeper connection between you and your desired life path. They support you to overcome self-doubt or challenges, and tap into your inner wisdom to nurture your true potential and create the meaningful life you desire.

Jeremy Turner-Welch: Intuitive Success Coaching

Drawing upon his vast experience as an intuitive and certified therapist for individuals, couples and families, Jeremy bridges the gap between intuitive wisdom and effective therapeutic techniques.


Throughout his own life, Jeremy has seen first-hand how tuning into our intuition leads us to make wiser decisions, develop self-belief, enhance our creativity, and discover a more joyful and abundant life. Whether you are looking for clarity or progress in a specific area of your life, your intuition is one of the most powerful resources you have available to achieve this.


Jeremy’s own journey of self-discovery and healing led to extensive training in meditation, shiatsu, reiki, drama and movement therapy, psychic development, and systemic psychotherapy. Now, it equips him to guide others with exceptional insight, compassion, and skill.

The Value of Coaching Intuition

Our intuition is an inner compass that guides us safely through life’s challenges and decisions. It speaks to us from the heart, signalling what truly feels right and helping us to sense things (opportunities, information, or patterns) that may not be immediately obvious. It is our inner wisdom and gut instinct, that sees beyond our fears and conscious reasoning and nudges us towards our true potential.  Developing our intuition through coaching, can be invaluable for enabling us to:


  • Make decisions more easily– especially when there is little time for analysis, or we don’t have all the details.

  • Enhance our creativity by revealing new solutions or possibilities.

  • Enjoy meaningful connections with others.

  • Make choices that align with our true self and soul purpose.

  • Develop greater trust in our own judgement and ability.

  • Nurture our growth on all levels – mind, body, and spirit.

intuitive success coach coaching
intuitive coaching coach

Transforming Challenges into Stepping Stones

Intuitive coaching makes it possible for the challenges and hurdles you are facing to also serve as signposts that direct you towards the heart of what truly matters.


Imagine experiencing life from a new vantage point, where possibilities unfold, enabling you to stride forwards with clarity and purpose. This goes beyond simply goal setting. It is about connecting you to your own intuitive wisdom to unleash your hidden potential.


Jeremy’s approach to coaching is interactive and collaborative. Together, you’ll discover the resources, gifts, and possibilities available to you, mapping a clearer path ahead for your life. Informed guidance is also provided, using Jeremy’s intuitive abilities, supporting you to see patterns, potential and strategies with newfound clarity.

Are you Ready to Begin?

Intuitive soul coaching is a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and alignment with your true potential.  With his unique blend of experience and intuitive insight, Jeremy offers a guiding light in this transformative process.


Whether you’re at a juncture in life, ready for change, but uncertain of the path forward, you don’t have to travel the path alone. You can use Jeremy’s coaching sessions as stand-alone experiences, or as part of a series - whichever you prefer.


Take the step into intuitive life coaching and let your life radiate with clarity, purpose and possibilities.

Intuitive Soul Coaching

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