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I'm Writing A Book: "Being the Lighthouse"

I'm finally taking the plunge and writing a transformational book: Being the Lighthouse - How to Show up for Yourself in Relationships with Others and Achieve the Meaningful Connections you Desire.

It's for sensitive, empathic people who often end up in one-sided relationships and friendships where they listen, accommodate, shield and give, yet receive little in return. The cost for over-connecting and prioritising the feelings and wishes of others is high: anxiety, stress, exhaustion and even heartache. Yet without the right support, it's hard to find an alternative path.

My book guides you through an active, informed and empowering process that draws upon my personal story and professional work with clients as a dramatherapist, systemic therapist, intuitive and coach. Creative, therapeutic and spiritual perspectives will be combined so that mind, body and spirit deepen your insight into the problem and its solution.

"Be the Lighthouse, not the Lifeboat" is a metaphor I explore to help strike a balance between attending to the needs of self and other. The lighthouse generates its light from within and has a beauty and value beyond any service to others. It offers support from a distance that neither invites dependency nor seeks approval from those it intends to help. Unlike the lifeboat, calls of distress do not draw the lighthouse into the stormy waters, or cause it to take responsibility for the outcomes or actions of others. Its radiant light is sufficient to help them navigate their own way to safety, without undue cost to itself


I'll be posting ideas and content from my book throughout my writing process - so keep an eye on my blog for more!

Also, if you'd like to share how this issue impacts you, drop me an email. I'd love to hear from you. Here's a wonderful example someone was happy to share:

"When I am with others, I quickly lose sense of what I think and want. I am unsure of what is ok for me to expect or want. I quickly start questioning myself."


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